Abs hotels, the luxury hotel chain founded by French-born entrepreneur Jean-Louis Abs, have announced a new line of hotel supplies.

The brand’s website says the new line, called Abs Hotel Supplies, is “the perfect complement to our hotel collections and the brand’s latest line of spa and body products.”

The new line will feature “an assortment of spa products that you can use in your home and on your vacation,” according to the website.

AstraZeneca’s Abs Hotel Supply line, which will debut in 2018, is a combination of two of the company’s most popular lines.

The first is the Abs Hotel, a line of bath and body treatments designed for couples and couples only.

The second is Abs Body, a skin care line featuring products that have been popular with spa-goers.

The Abs Hotel has a wide range of products.

The company also offers some of the world’s most expensive spa treatments.

For example, the company has a range of premium body oils that go for $20,000 or more, according to Forbes.

The new Abs hotel supplies line also includes bath and bath products like the Spa Gel, which has a price tag of $3,800.

The spa products are available in the following colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Pink, Red, Rose Gold and White.