It’s not clear whether the rise in hotel occupancy is related to the fact that consumers have become more willing to spend more.

That’s because of a variety of factors, including a drop in interest rates and a strong economy.

But there’s little doubt that hotels are finding it increasingly difficult to find rooms to fit customers.

In December, the New York Times reported that a record number of hotel rooms were booked in December than at any time since the start of the year.

There’s also the issue of hotel security.

More than a third of hotels in the U.S. are not compliant with federal standards for security.

And many, if not most, of those hotels don’t have security systems in place to protect customers from the outside world.

In the wake of the Orlando massacre, a number of large hotels were forced to shut down for several days.

And while many of the businesses have since reopened, there’s a sense that the trend is accelerating.