published by Bloomberg Businessweek, which details the story of an unnamed man in Texas who was unable to find shampoo in his hotel supply shop due to an overabundance of shampoo, which the man claimed was sold by a company called Purell. 

The man was reportedly able to purchase several brands of shampoo at Purells stores in Texas, but they were all out of stock. 

According to the article, the man spent more than $300 to buy shampoo from the Purell stores, but it was too expensive for him. 

He was also left with shampoo that he said was in poor condition and had been damaged by humidity, so he decided to try to find a store that would stock the shampoo he wanted.

“I called every Purell store in the state, and they were out of shampoo,” the man told Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

“I ended up at a hotel pharmacy that was out of bottles and bottles and other things.” 

When the man contacted Purell, he was told that they do stock shampoo in the hotel stores, and that they also sell a lot of other items that are used in hotels. 

“So when I got to the hotel pharmacy I was able to get a bottle of shampoo from there and it was a little more than what I paid for, but I ended up buying it and then went home to buy the rest of the shampoo,” he said. 

A spokesperson for Purell told Bloomberg that the company does not stock shampoo and that the stores that do stock their products are independent retailers that are not affiliated with Purell or its affiliates.

“We’ve seen reports like this in the past, and we have no information to suggest this is related to our brands,” the spokesperson said.

“It is a local store that has a lot going on in Texas and we are doing everything we can to ensure that the products that they are stocking are safe.”

The man is reportedly the first person in the country to receive a bottle from Purell in the last six months, and the company has been working with the man to help him find the right shampoo to use.

“He told me to go to a local Purell and buy a bottle,” the Pureell spokesperson said, “and that’s when we realized he was trying to get into a hotel supply chain and we were concerned about that.”

When we asked him if he was going to buy from a Purell product, he said he was buying it from a hotel.

“The spokesperson said that the PureLL stores are independent of Purell’s, and said that Purell does not sell Purell products in the stores.”

The Purell brands are used by hotels in a wide variety of settings including hotels and bars, but in the case of shampoo we do not use Purell shampoo,” Purell said in a statement to Businessweek. 

Shampoo has long been an issue for hotel chains, as many hotels have found it hard to stock shampoo because of the high demand for shampoo. 

In 2015, a study found that shampoo usage in hotels increased more than 10% in the US, but the study also found that hotels had trouble keeping shampoo out of the hands of customers. 

Last year, Purell also said that it was working with hotel chains to ensure hotel shampoo was not being used in hotel rooms.