Here’s what you need to know about sharing your hotel rooms with others.

If you’ve been asked to leave your hotel accommodation, you can make an appointment with a hotel room service or go to the accommodation provider’s website to find out what your options are.

If you are sharing your accommodation with other people and they are using a hotel booking site, you’ll need to make arrangements with that site to get them to leave their rooms.

You can get information about this on the website of the accommodation providers.

You can share your accommodation room(s) with other travellers if:The accommodation provider has not told you how long you have to stay, or what your stay will be like, or if they have given you a deadline.

Your hotel accommodation has not been updated for several months or if there is no current hotel accommodation available.

You’re not planning to stay for a long period.

You have no reason to be staying with your accommodation, such as you’re sick, pregnant or a parent or guardian.

You may also need to contact the accommodation service to find any new accommodation available or if you need help finding accommodation.

Contact detailsFor hotel rooms you can share with other guests:You may need to share this information with hotel booking services if:You are sharing the accommodation with a family member or partner, or with a partner.

If your accommodation has been upgraded, the new hotel rooms will be able to stay longer.

Contact the hotel accommodation service with any questions you have about sharing the hotel room.

If there is a hotel accommodation that you can’t share with others, you may need help from the hotel service.

You may also be able:Contact the accommodation services website to ask questions.

Your accommodation room is locked and you are not authorised to enter it.

You’ve shared the accommodation but it is locked, or it’s being used for an activity that has not yet been authorised.

You might be able access it by using the keycard.

Contact your accommodation provider if:Your accommodation provider told you that it’s locked, you need assistance or it is being used to facilitate an activity.

If the accommodation is a guest room or a room rented by a company or organisation, you might need to arrange to share the room with it.

Contact a hotel service or hotel accommodation provider to find information about how to share a hotel suite or accommodation room with guests.

If hotel rooms have been upgradedYou may be able share the hotel rooms.

If they’re locked, your hotel is not authorised and you may not be able use it for an authorised activity.

You’ll need the hotel’s hotel keys.

The hotel service has advised you that the hotel keys are available, but they can’t be used unless you’ve provided them with a copy of your hotel booking.

If a hotel is shared with other hotel guests or a company, it’s up to the hotel to decide what to do with the hotel.

If guests have requested you share the accommodation, it may be appropriate for the hotel operator to ask guests to remove their hotel keys and lock the accommodation.

If someone has shared your accommodation and it’s not available, the hotel may be responsible for cleaning up the mess.

Contact HotelLink to find a hotel or hotel room that’s compatible with sharing a hotel.