More than 1.4m UK travellers spent £17.6bn in June, according to official figures.

The increase in spending on accommodation is likely to be due to the strong economic conditions in the country and the number of people seeking to stay in hotels.

The National Hotel Association (NHA) said it had seen “a sharp increase” in demand for accommodation in the last few months, with the number going up by about 10% in the past 12 months.

“Demand for accommodation is up, the number booking rooms and the average rate has gone up, so hotels are being flooded with offers to accommodate people,” said Neil Breen, NHA managing director.

The NHA said it was the third consecutive month that it had recorded an increase in hotel demand, with a record number of UK travellers coming to book accommodation in hotels in June.

The average price of a night’s accommodation in a hotel room in June was £10.89, up from £9.87 in June 2017, the NHA found.

“It’s very encouraging for hotels to be able to offer people the opportunity to stay longer in hotels,” Mr Breen said.

“This is helping hotels cope with the economic challenges and pressures that have been building in the UK and across the world.”

The NHC had forecast hotel demand would increase by about 5% in 2020, and was forecasting the number to reach 1.6 million by the end of 2021.

“We’re very happy that hotels are able to provide these extra rooms for guests to enjoy, especially at such an early stage in the year,” Mr Todhunter said.