Greece’s Serrenti Hotel Supply shows are back.

This time it’s for hotel supplies.

Greece’s Serra Hotel Supply show, which has been on hiatus for the last six years, returns to Athens on March 22.

Tickets cost just €5, but the show is expected to draw more than 100,000 people.

The show, held in the Serra hotel in Athens’ historic central district, has long been the place to be for those wanting to learn more about hotel supplies and the hotel industry.

The show features the likes of Serra’s own hotel, which specializes in luxury goods, and the brand-new Hotel Serra, a new brand-spanking-new hotel that is being launched on February 2.

Tickets are available online now and will go on sale later this year.

While Serra hasn’t been selling any hotel products since the show’s cancellation, the brand is making an effort to revive its business.

It announced last week that it is opening a second hotel in central Athens, Hotel Serrata, which will open in mid-March.

The brand is also expanding its online presence, with the company now boasting a store of hotel supplies online and a mobile app for customers to shop and find hotel supplies on their phones.

The company also recently added an iPad app for Serra customers to use on their devices.

Gentilis, Serra is also hoping to expand its business in the Greek hospitality industry by partnering with the Serrati Hotel Supply Company, which is based in Athens.

The hotel supply company is also launching a new online hotel store in the country.