The Green hotel supplies com is a new company created by a group of Indian entrepreneurs.

The company has built a brand new website and has a team of 100 people working in the hotel supply industry.

The company has also started a blog that has been launched to provide the latest information about the hotel and hotel accessories.

The new company was founded by Shahid, Raghavendra, Abhijit, Sanjay, Manish and Ravi, all from the same family.

Shahid, an MBA from IIT-Madras, started the company with Raghavan, a former engineer from the hotel industry.

“I think the concept was to get people talking about the green hotel,” Raghava, said.

“The hotel is a very unique brand.

It’s one that everyone wants to own.

It is an iconic brand that people want to wear.

It has a certain aura about it and we wanted to do something different.”

Raghavan said the idea was born when the company was approached by a hotel chain that wanted to create a branded hotel accessory.

The hotel chain wanted to make the green accessories, but didn’t know where to go with it.

“I was very interested in the idea of a hotel brand.

I wanted to know how they would do it and how we would do ours,” he said.

Raghavender, a marketing major from IISc, joined the team in March 2017.

He is working with Shahid to develop the company.

Ravi, a graphic designer, started with the company when he joined the company in September.

He works as a web designer, while Abhajit is the marketing manager and Sanjay is the general manager.

Shiavi, a digital marketing and digital strategy specialist, started in the marketing department in February.

“My main focus is to connect with the brand and provide brand awareness,” he told TechCrunch.

“We will be working on the design side as well.”

The green hotel supplies is an industry that was once the hot bed of innovation, but has since been largely dominated by the hotels and resorts.

In 2014, it was reported that hotel supply chain companies such as Hootsuite, W Hotel and Green India were losing billions of dollars in their supply businesses.

This has led to a lot of uncertainty in the supply industry, with many companies leaving the industry and the industry as a whole struggling.

Shanthi said the company has already secured funding from the Tata Group, who owns Indian Airlines and SpiceJet.

“They are very interested,” he added.