The best hotel supplies in Israel, the biggest in the world, and a major supplier of hotel amenities, including comfort rooms, hotel coffee, hotel dining rooms, massage rooms, and even bath suites.

They’re also some of the most affordable in the country, with the average price of a room at a luxury hotel ranging from $2,500 to $4,000.

The hotels, all located in Tel Aviv, have a mix of spacious and comfortable rooms.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Israel’s top hotel options.


Al-Aqsa Hotel, Tel Aviv 2.

Al Aqsa hotel, Jerusalem 3.

Al Jazeera hotel, Tel-Aviv 4.

Al Mezze hotel, Amman 5.

Hotel Sars Hotel, Abu Dhabi, Jordan 6.

Al Ain hotel, Abu Hamra, Egypt 7.

Al Alawair hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 8.

Al Qabas hotel, Damascus, Syria 9.

The Marriot hotel, Paris 10.

The Soho Hotel, London 11.

Al Ahram hotel, Beirut 12.

Hotel Al Arab hotel, Gaza 13.

The Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai 14.

The Mokhara Hotel, Paris 15.

Al Jomar hotel, Sanaa, Yemen 16.

Hotel Leche Hotel, Kuwait 17.

The Chambon hotel, Luxembourg 18.

Hotel Kebab Hotel, Istanbul 19.

Hotel Viva Spa Hotel, Brussels 20.

Hotel Jannar hotel in Tel-Aria, Tel, Jordan 21.

Al Shifa hotel, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 22.

The Hotel Marrakesh, Dubai 23.

The Sharm Hotel, Jerusalem 24.

The Ritz Carlton in Tokyo, Japan 25.

The Plaza Hotel, Barcelona, Spain 26.

The Hyatt Regency in Tokyo.


The Grand Hyatt in Las Vegas, Nevada 28.

The Marriott International in San Francisco, California 29.

The Hilton Garden Inn in San Jose, California 30.

The Sheraton in Portland, Oregon 31.

The Taj Mahal in Mumbai, India 32.

The Palazzo Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland 33.

The La Quinta Hotel in San Diego, California 34.

The Kogod hotel in Tokyo 35.

The Vaucluse in Stockholm 36.

The Royal Hotel of New York in New York City, United States 37.

The Four Seasons Hotel in New Delhi, India 38.

The Waldorf Astoria in New Orleans, Louisiana 39.

The Pinnacle in Honolulu, Hawaii 40.

The Oriental in London 41.

The Biltmore in Las Palmas, Spain 42.

The Le Grand Hotel in Paris 43.

The Luxor Hotel in Cairo, Egypt 44.

The Intercontinental in Tokyo 45.

The Copley Hotel in Washington, DC 46.

The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California 47.

The Savoy in Paris 48.

The Mandarin Oriental in Singapore 49.

The Residence Inn in Washington DC 50.

The Albermarle in Beverly Hill, Massachusetts 51.

The Queen Mary in London 52.

The Regent Hotel in London 53.

The Lido in New Haven, Connecticut 54.

The Palladium in New Jersey 55.

The Spa at the Four Seasons Resort & Spa in New Mexico 56.

The Atlantis in London 57.

The Renaissance in Paris 58.

The Tivoli in Milan 59.

The Palace Hotel in Moscow 60.

The Villa in Barcelona 61.

The Riviera in Paris 62.

The Peninsula Hotel in Las Cruces, New Mexico 63.

The Belvedere in Paris 64.

The Grosvenor Hotel at the Plaza Hotel in Sydney, Australia 65.

The Eiffel Tower Hotel in Dublin, Ireland 66.

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai 67.

The Palm Springs Hotel in Los Angeles, California 68.

The New York Times in New Yorker, New York 69.

The Metropolitan Hotel in Beijing, China 70.

The Olde Towne Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 71.

The Versailles in Paris 72.

The Bellagio Hotel in Venice 73.

The Imperial in Rome 74.

The Crystal Palace in Beijing 75.

The Olympic Park in Tokyo 76.

The Great Hall of the People in Beijing 77.

The Balmoral in London 78.

The Astoria Hotel in Hong Kong 79.

The Empire State Building in New Hong Kong 80.

The Montparnasse Hotel in Shanghai 81.

The Trump International Hotel in Dubai 82.

The World Trade Center in New Yorkers, New Jersey 83.

The Red Sea in Dubai 84.

The Coronac Hotel in Riyadh 85.

The Millennium Dome in Shanghai 86.

The Mandalay Bay in Las Angeles, Nevada 87.

The Polo Grounds in Tokyo 88.

The Marina in New Zealand 89.

The Princess Royal in Paris 90.

The Louvre in Paris 91.

The Tower of London in London 92.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel at Madison Square Garden in New New York 93.

The Arc de Triomphe in Paris