Malaysia to get $1.2 billion in hotel supplies

Malaysia’s central bank has approved the first of a planned $1 billion in hotels supply chain overhauls aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing costs.The central bank will issue permits to foreign investors for the construction of hotel accommodation facilities, including new hotels, to boost the country’s hotel sector by up to $1bn.The Central Bank has […]

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How to keep your hotel clean from the inside out

The hotel industry is struggling to keep up with the increasing number of people visiting the hotels, and it’s a growing concern that hotels are turning to hotel-brand toiletries to keep things clean.Key points:Hotel toiletry supply is increasing, but many hotels have a range of other toiletries availableHotel supplies are being used for a variety […]

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How to buy hotel supplies in Malaya

The hotel supplies market in Malacca is growing in size, with hotels selling supplies directly to consumers, according to Woleco, the logistics giant that supplies hotels.Woleco says it has about 1,500 stores in Malay, Chinese, Malaysian and Vietnamese markets.In the Philippines, Wolec is the biggest hotel supplier, selling more than 3,000 hotel supplies directly, according […]

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Why a hotel’s supply chain matters

A hotel supply chain is the backbone of the supply chain for the hotel industry.Supply chains are key to how many rooms are delivered and when, how much money is made and how well.Without them, a hotel won’t make money.Without supply chains, we would never know that our hotel is selling room service for cheap.In […]

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