Hotel supply shortages in Australia due to coronavirus

A shortage of hotel supply products in Australia has left the nation’s biggest hotel chain struggling to cope with rising demand from overseas.The global hotel industry has been hit by the coronaviruses coronaviral pandemic, which has wiped out more than half of the world’s hotel rooms and made life hard for the supply chain.Australia’s hotels […]

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When Is Your Weekend Trip To Vegas Over?

After spending the weekend with friends and family, I’m not sure I’ll be ready to leave until next week, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be planning for the long haul.As the summer sun begins to peek over the horizon and the humidity returns to the city, I’ve decided to spend my first few weeks […]

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How to buy hotel supplies in Malaya

The hotel supplies market in Malacca is growing in size, with hotels selling supplies directly to consumers, according to Woleco, the logistics giant that supplies hotels.Woleco says it has about 1,500 stores in Malay, Chinese, Malaysian and Vietnamese markets.In the Philippines, Wolec is the biggest hotel supplier, selling more than 3,000 hotel supplies directly, according […]

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Which hotel supplies are worth the most?

There’s no doubt that it’s an important part of living a luxurious lifestyle, but can you afford to spend thousands of dollars on a single hotel room?If you’re a business person or someone who works from home, you may be tempted to get a hotel room but it won’t be as luxurious as you’d like.While […]

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EVErest hotel supply for $4,000

The hotel industry is bracing for a flood of hotel supply orders from the United States as the holiday season kicks off.The International Hotel Association (IHA) says it will start shipping to its members the supplies they need for Christmas.We are expecting a lot of supply coming from the US.“We are seeing an enormous amount […]

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How to protect yourself from hotel scams

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re in the market for a hotel room, you’ll want to know what’s on the market.The hotels that provide that service are going to be the ones that you want to protect.Here are some tips to help you protect yourself, and you’ll be glad you did.

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