When hotel chains get the money they need to survive

By Next BigFuture, The Washington Post, March 21, 2021, 1:18:25AM ESTFor decades, the American hotel industry has operated on a razor-thin profit margin, with no incentive to innovate.The result: an industry that’s long struggled to adapt to the digital world and is often struggling to make money in a highly competitive market.Hotels like the Hyatt […]

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How to save on hotel cleaning products

A hotel cleaning supply shop in Saudi Arabia says it will cut costs and save $400 by making cleaning supplies cheaper and using recycled water sources instead of bottled water.“We’re saving the hotel cleaning business $400 million and we’re not giving up on it,” said a company representative, who asked not to be identified.“If we […]

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The best and worst hotel supply suppliers

The best hotel supply supplier in the world.They’re good at everything and can do it all.Here are the top ten hotels suppliers for hotels, catering, dining and catering services.1.Hotel Supplies by Price per square foot1.Hotels Supplies Per Square Foot (USD)Hotels supplies vary a lot based on location, but in general, hotels supply the cheapest goods […]

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How to find the best floral hotel supplies

A few years ago, I had a lovely opportunity to try some floral-themed hotel supplies on the beach at Martha’s Vineyard.And while I was pleasantly surprised to see how well-made everything was, I was also a bit bummed to discover that the hotel supplies were not available in my town.So I went back to my […]

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