The Serrentes hotel supplies company has officially gone on sale for $1 of every $5 that you spend on its brand-new line of travel-ready products.

The company is available at retailers such as Nordstrom and Kohl’s and is currently on sale at Target and Macy’s.

The line of products includes air purifiers, toilet paper, toilet seats, a washable water filter, a soap dispenser, an air purifier washcloth, and a towel dispenser.

There’s even a $1-per-foot-travel-ready version of the Serrents hotel water purifier, which is supposed to last for a month on a single charge.

The products will be available for pre-order on May 10 for $199 and then in stores May 23 for $399.

For the full list of products, visit the Serratis website.

Serrenti also has a $250-per person pre-booked event on June 9 in New York City that is a limited-time deal, and you can also book a pre-sale at Target.

Check out the full-size images below for a closer look at the Serritis products, as well as a sneak peek at the new Serrenta water filter.