Indonesia’s Hotel Supply Company is reportedly shutting down after a cyber attack, according to Reuters.

Reuters reports that Hotel Supply company, which is located in Jakarta, Indonesia, has reported that all of its computer systems have been compromised.

The company said that the attack was detected early this morning, and that all servers are offline.

The hackers are reportedly targeting hotel supply facilities, which are located in the city of Medan, where the company operates.

The hotel supply companies are reportedly facing several types of cyber attacks over the last year.

The attacks are often related to supply chains and supply agreements, which can result in loss of life and damage to the company’s business.

Hotel Supply Companies have reported similar incidents in the past, as well.

The hack also appears to have impacted a supply chain that supplies hotels to other countries.

As a result, Hotel Supply is temporarily shutting down.

The exact reasons for the shutdown are unclear, though it is likely to be related to the investigation of the cyber attacks.

Hotel supply company was created in 2007, and has been a leading supplier of hotel accommodation in Indonesia.

It supplies hotels, motels, and other guest accommodations to hotels, restaurants, and private residences in the country.

A company spokesperson did not immediately respond to requests for comment.