A hotel cleaning supply shop in Saudi Arabia says it will cut costs and save $400 by making cleaning supplies cheaper and using recycled water sources instead of bottled water.

“We’re saving the hotel cleaning business $400 million and we’re not giving up on it,” said a company representative, who asked not to be identified.

“If we can reduce the cost of cleaning, it will reduce our costs.”

Hotel cleaners in the kingdom say they spend about $3,000 per person per year on cleaning supplies.

But they say that in a country where people have been dying due to heat and humidity, they are struggling to get clean clothes to stay dry and not get dirty.

“I have seen how people are suffering, they have no money, no clothing,” said the representative, adding that many people have no clothes at all.

“The problem with hotel cleaners is they have to come to the hotel.

They have to clean and sanitise the hotel, then bring the clothes to the cleaners.”

In the past, hotel cleaners have said they had to travel hundreds of kilometres to reach the hotel where they cleaned and were then sent back.

“It is not a lot of money,” said one cleaning worker, who gave his name only as Mr H. “But it is not easy.

If you want to have a hotel cleaning, you have to go to the hotels.”

He said hotel cleaners had been forced to travel up to 600km (370 miles) to reach their hotels in Saudi and said the cost was prohibitive.

“You have to travel so far.

If we don’t get to our hotel, we can’t clean there,” he said.

The Saudi government has made cleaning supplies and other goods mandatory for hotels in recent years, as part of a nationwide campaign to cut air pollution and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

But a Saudi newspaper last week reported that some hotel cleaners were using bottled water instead of clean water to clean hotel rooms.

The paper said the water supplies at a number of hotels in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, had become contaminated with viruses.

“There is not water available.

You have to buy bottled water,” a cleaner who gave only his first name, Mr Qaida, told the newspaper.

He said many hotels did not have clean water at all and were only using filtered water.

“I was shocked that it’s being used in hotels,” he added.

Hotel cleaning supplies in the USA spokesman for the National Hotel Association in the United States said he had no comment on the report.