The sky is blue, the sun is out and the season is finally upon us.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind when planning your 2018 stay at one of the world’s best aqua hotels.1.

Your water supply will be at your disposal.

Aquas water is safe, clean, and free from chloramines, arsenic and other toxins.

To ensure the most comfortable and clean experience, we recommend that you take advantage of a water filter for the best possible water quality.


Get your tickets.

Your hotel room will be booked in advance, which means you can book the room right away and have it delivered at the time of your booking.


Use the facilities.

Your room will include a laundry room, a full bar, a dining area, and a small private balcony.


Enjoy the atmosphere.

We recommend that guests arrive at the Aquas hotel in late July to avoid the heat and humidity of summer.


Plan for a change of scenery.

There will be an aquarium in the main hall, but you can enjoy your stay in a private lounge, which will be decorated with a stunning blue-and-green backdrop.6.

Plan a fun adventure.

The Aquas Aquarium will be open to the public from July 11-July 12.


Take a breather.

Relax with a glass of bubbly or an ice cold drink in a spa tub.8.

Watch a live stream of the Aquascape from the hotel’s pool.

The pool will be equipped with a hot tub, hot tubs, and an underwater cinema that will allow guests to experience the wonders of nature in a completely immersive way.9.

Get out and explore.

Our hotel has a huge variety of outdoor activities that you can do at Aquas.

From walking to canoeing, we are open for all kinds of outdoor adventures that will keep you entertained.10.

Save money.

The $12 per night rate for the Aquashares suite includes all of the amenities listed above, plus a $1,000 voucher to buy the entire suite.

The voucher is available at the door and you can redeem the voucher at any of the resort’s numerous kiosks throughout the resort.