How to Get a Room for Free in the Harris County Harris County, Texas, area without having to pay for it.

That’s the premise of the Houston-based hotel supply startup, RTI hotel supply.

The Houston area has been experiencing a boom in hotel vacancies as the economic downturn worsens.

The number of hotel rooms in the region has more than doubled since 2009, and occupancy rates have increased by 50 percent since the first quarter of 2020, according to a report from the Houston Economic Development Corporation.

The company, which was founded in March of 2017, is trying to capitalize on the demand for room service.

Its app allows hotel guests to book their rooms and make reservations through its mobile app, and customers can get discounted rates by using the RTI app.

But the company isn’t trying to replace traditional hotel booking services like Expedia or Expedia Plus.

Instead, RTP hotel supply is focusing on a new business model.

In the process, the company is hoping to give its customers more flexibility in how they book rooms.

“We want to be a hotel reservation system that’s open to anyone and has a room supply option that people can use,” said Chris Hahn, RTC’s co-founder and chief technology officer.RTP is currently accepting reservations through RTI, and has partnered with other hotel brands to offer hotel reservation options.

The Houston-area company has received $15 million in venture capital funding, including from Sequoia Capital, according the Houston Chronicle.

The funding has allowed the company to build out its network of suppliers, and it’s now adding new hotels, including two in Houston, as well as offering hotel pickup in New York and Chicago.

“It’s a really unique opportunity to be in this space, to have this kind of network of retailers that you’re not going to find anywhere else in the industry,” Hahn said.

The new business plan will also help RTC expand into other parts of the country, such as the Southeast.

Hahn added that RTC will also partner with other hotels to expand the company’s reach, such the Austin-based Hilton Worldwide and the Seattle-based Omni Hotels.

Haus said he’s excited to expand into more markets, and hopes to begin the process of launching a national network of hotels within the next year.