A few years ago, I had a lovely opportunity to try some floral-themed hotel supplies on the beach at Martha’s Vineyard.

And while I was pleasantly surprised to see how well-made everything was, I was also a bit bummed to discover that the hotel supplies were not available in my town.

So I went back to my local supermarket and purchased some floral napkins and towels from Amazon, as well as some garden-towel bags from a local garden center.

I also purchased some flower-themed clothing that looked a bit more traditional, and then purchased a few other items.

The end result was that my hotel supply list included everything from floral hats to floral vests to floral tassels.

But in terms of making my hotel more beautiful, I felt like it didn’t need to include floral tights.

So here’s how to make floral t-shirts, floral pants, floral socks, floral shorts, floral tuxes, floral dresses, and floral skirts.