The hotel supplies market in Malacca is growing in size, with hotels selling supplies directly to consumers, according to Woleco, the logistics giant that supplies hotels.

Woleco says it has about 1,500 stores in Malay, Chinese, Malaysian and Vietnamese markets.

In the Philippines, Wolec is the biggest hotel supplier, selling more than 3,000 hotel supplies directly, according the company.

Wolec said it was selling a limited number of hotels to consumers through its direct sales platform in Malacañang, and it is also working with retailers to get more hotels on its direct channel.

It also said it has partnerships with companies like Marriott, which it has also partnered with to sell hotels directly to customers.

“It’s good for the consumer to have a more efficient shopping experience and to know the quality of hotel supplies that are available to them,” Woleo chief executive officer Andrew Yoo said.

The Philippines has been trying to improve its hotel supply chain, including expanding the number of hotel brands and opening a hotel network of its own.

For the past two years, the Philippines has launched a nationwide hotel network to help consumers save money on hotel costs and increase their chances of finding a good hotel near them.

After years of struggling to fill its hotels with hotels, the government said in May that it would sell a majority stake in WoleCo, with the remaining stake owned by its parent company, Marriott International.

But it still has about 3,300 hotels and hotel-related stores in the Philippines.

At the moment, Wolese says it’s selling hotels directly.

The company is expanding its direct hotel sales, with plans to increase the number to 10,000 stores by 2019.

A new company, Wolisource, was also launched last year.