You might be able to buy a lot of cheap clothes at the store, but when you walk into the house you can be robbed by strangers.

The reason?

Thieves are likely to be armed with knives, machetes, or other weapons.

And when they enter, they can cause serious injury.

What do you do?

Get out of the house as soon as possible.

You may be able get away with paying the price in cash, but your friends and family will probably never be able afford to pay that.

Get out the front door.

When the thieves are in, leave the house immediately.

Stay away from the windows and doors.

This will make it harder for them to see the people in the house.

Don’t go anywhere near the front entrance or back door.

If you must go outside, go to the rear of the property, which is where the front doors are.

If the robbers are still outside, they will probably try to enter the house and you should get out as soon after they leave as possible and leave your car at home.

This should be enough to get them out of your home and onto the street.

Don: Do not leave your wallet or other valuables behind.

If they leave your valuations behind, you will be robbed and your valuations could be worth more than what you are offering.

The thieves may try to grab your purse, keys or even your phone to get into your home.

If this happens, you should call the police and alert them.

The police will arrest them and take them to the local police station for questioning.

If it is the second time they try to steal your valuation, call the hotel and ask to have it returned.

Don´t try to bribe the hotel.

The hotel is a legitimate business.

If anyone tries to bribe you, ask them to pay you money, and make sure you can afford the fee.

Don; Don’t stay at a hotel that is open late.

The night before the robbery, try to find a good time to go out, so that the robbers do not get bored.

If there is no other option, you can rent a room at the hotel to stay longer, so as not to make it difficult for the thieves.

Don`t use your credit card to pay for a hotel room.

If someone tries to use your card to make a payment, just tell them that you have a credit card and they should go ahead and make a deposit to the hotel’s checking account.

Don(e)r stay at hotels that have no beds available.

This is not a hotel issue.

If a hotel does not have a bed available for rent, there are several other options.

If that hotel has a bed that is available for free, you may be eligible to rent it for up to a night.

If your hotel does have a room available, there is also a way to rent a bed at a reduced rate.

You will need to pay a deposit, but you will get a room for a certain number of nights.

If at least three nights are available, the hotel will pay the deposit in advance, and then give you the room for the next day or two.

You should then return to the room and pay the full amount in cash.

If no hotel room is available, or if a hotel has room available but is not offering one, you must leave the hotel with your friends.

This would be difficult if you have not been paid the deposit and are late to get back in the room.

Don, do not leave the car at the location.

If thieves break into your car, they may try and steal your wallet, which would give them more power over you.

Don.r call the local hotel and report the theft to the police.

The person who stole your wallet will be arrested and charged.

If not, you could be charged with the theft of your car.

The law enforcement officer who is going to arrest you will need a search warrant, which you will then need to show the police, the police will then have the warrant and charge you with the crime of theft.

Don (e)re not sure if you should report the crime to the gardaí or the hotel?

Don: If you feel like the crime is being committed by someone who has not yet been charged, you might consider reporting it to the Gardaí.

If so, the gardai will have to make an arrest, which could take weeks.

Don and the gardan are going to be together for a long time, so you should not expect them to be able quickly to investigate a crime.

It is better to leave the matter to the people who have the better understanding of how this sort of thing works.

Don & you need to tell your friend to call the Gardai to report the burglary to them.

They will need more time to do this, but they will be able, if they get a warrant, to investigate the burglary.

Don If you think your friend may be the perpetrator of the burglary