Here’s a list of the hotel supply shows on the radio this week.

This week’s guest is guest host Paul Gottfried.

Paul, welcome to the show.

Paul: Hi.

I’m Paul Gottfridson.

Welcome to the Hotels Supply Show.

I have a question for you.

Paul Gottfredson, welcome back.

Paul- How can you help the country?

Paul: Well, I think you could be the best thing to happen to this country since the Civil War.

Paul is the former chairman of the House Budget Committee.

He was a member of the Reagan administration and served as the budget director for President Ronald Reagan.

He’s a professor of economics at the University of Chicago.

Paul joined us on the show this week to talk about what it’s like to work for a multinational corporation like Hilton.

What is a hotel supply chain like?

What is the supply chain for the hotel industry in America?

We talked about how the supply chains of the supply companies are different from the supply lines of the airlines.

Paul also talked about the role of supply chain management and how that affects how you run a hotel.

Paul started by talking about how it’s difficult for hotels to operate in this global economy.

Paul explained how hotel supply chains are designed to be flexible and adapt to changing markets.

Paul said that, in a global economy, hotel management and supply chains need to be able to work with different partners.

For example, if they’re building a hotel in London and they want to have the supply in London, they have to move their hotel into the new hotel in New York or the new supply chain needs to be there.

That’s where we find the supply and demand mismatch.

Paul then talked about why this is a problem.

Paul pointed out that a lot of the hotels in America are actually in different locations.

It’s a challenge for hotel management to figure out how to get to the people who need the hotel in the right place.

Paul added that there’s a big opportunity for hotel supply to improve.

For instance, if you could take your supply chain out of New York and put it into London and take it into your hotel, you’d get a much more stable and reliable supply chain.

The question that Paul asked was, How do you do that?

You can’t just say, well, I’m going to move my hotel from New York to New Jersey.

That just doesn’t work.

What can you do to get the supply into the right location?

Paul then went on to talk a bit about how that’s done.

Paul discussed the challenges and the opportunities for hotels in this new economy.

We’ll talk more about how supply chains can help hotel companies, how to run a supply chain, and the challenges of running a supply business.

So, go listen to Paul’s guest list today, and come back to the program to hear more from him.



Paul Gottfried, who is the chair of the budget committee in the House of Representatives, and was previously chairman of Budget Committee in the Senate.

He is the author of several books on supply chains and economics.

Paul has also been an advisor to the Department of Defense and the Department’s Office of Defense Procurement.

He has a Ph.

D. in economics from Columbia University.

He holds an MBA from Stanford University.

His most recent book, The Economics of the Hotel Industry: A New Perspective on Supply Chains and Supply Networks, was published by Oxford University Press in 2014.

You can listen to his radio show on the Hot and Cold Podcasts here.

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Paul’s book, How to Run a Hotel Supply Chain, is available on Amazon and in paperback here.

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