The UAE hotel industry is struggling with a severe shortage of accommodation as a result of a prolonged drought that has hit the country in recent months.

The shortage of hotel rooms is a serious concern as the UAE has one of the world’s highest hotel occupancy rates.

It is estimated that more than 4.2 million hotel rooms are now at risk of being shut down due to the drought, according to the UAE Tourism Bureau.

While the hotel industry has already lost billions of dollars in revenue due to low hotel occupancy, the lack of room has been compounded by the drought that began in January.

“The shortage is just devastating for us, the hotel and hotel supply shops.

It’s really devastating because they don’t know what to do,” said Mohamed Al Qasim, owner of the Dubai Hotel Supply Shop, as he surveyed the state of his business.

Al Qasem said the industry is suffering from a shortage of supplies because the UAE’s tourism ministry has only issued permits to hotel supply stores.

Al Jazeera’s Mohamed Al-Shami said the shortage is affecting the hotel sector in the UAE.

“We have been trying to supply the hotels since January, so we’ve had a lot of meetings and discussions and discussions with hotels about this,” he said.

The UAE has been struggling to cope with the severe drought that the country has been suffering for the last month, which has seen the country’s main reservoirs dry up and rivers low in water.

According to the Dubai Municipality, over 10 million people have been affected by the severe water shortage.

Dubai’s water resources are currently at an unprecedented level, with the country suffering from record rainfall in January and February.

The severe drought has also resulted in widespread shortages of food and water for the residents of the country.