A review by The Consumerist shows that a lot of the hotel supplies you buy on Amazon are pretty much useless and/or dangerous.

The list of products included on Amazon include toilet paper, shampoo, hair products, and toilet paper wipes.

We’ve also highlighted products that may be harmful to your health, such as detergent and soap.

While the list of hotel supplies that you can buy is small, it does include a few things that are actually useful.

Here’s a rundown of all the hotel products we found to be unsafe or harmful.1.

A deodorant or other deodorizing spray3.

Household cleaning supplies4.

Hair products5.

Hair removal products6.



Bath soap9.

Shower gel10.

Body wash11.




Towel paper15.

Hair shampoo16.

Hair conditioner17.

Hair hair conditioner18.

Hair waxes19.

Hair dye20.

Hair paste21.

Hair spray22.

Hair lotion23.

Hair salve24.

Hair oils25.

Hair moisturizer26.

Hair oil shampoo27.

Hair gel28.

Hair tonic29.

Hair soap30.

Hair wash31.

Hair trimmer32.

Hair towel33.

Hair wick34.

Hair brush35.

Hair braider36.

Hair straightener37.

Hair comb38.

Hair duster39.

Hair shaving cream40.

Hair paint41.

Hair mask42.

Hair nail polish43.

Hair lathering44.

Hair wig45.

Hair glue45.

Beard comb46.

Beard oil47.

Beard spray48.

Hair clip49.

Hair brushes50.

Hair tape51.

Hair barber52.

Hair razor53.

Hair bobby pins54.

Hair tampons55.

Hair scalp brush56.

Hair clippers57.

Hair blowdryer58.

Hair foam59.

Hair-shaped brush60.

Hair balm61.

Hair applicator62.

Hair massage toy63.

Hair sponge64.

Hair mousse65.

Hair bandaging toy66.

Hair shower gel67.

Hair wand68.

Hair net69.

Hair shaver70.

Hair vacuum71.

Hair toy72.


Hair stick74.

Hair pomade75.

Hair polish brush76.

Hair earrings77.

Hair hatchet78.

Hair necklaces79.

Hair tie80.

Hair mustache 81.

Hair beard balm82.

Hair makeup 83.

Hair lip balm84.

Hair mascara 85.

Hair eyeliner86.

Hair ring polish87.

Hair pencil 88.

Hair toothbrush89.

Hair tongue-dryer90.

Hair eye makeup 91.

Hair lipstick 92.

Hair scarf 93.

Hair necklace94.

Hair headband95.

Hair brace 96.

Hair ponytail97.

Hair handkerchief98.

Hair bracelet99.

Hair bow 100.

Hair dress shoe101.

Hair belt102.

Hair flapper103.

Hair flowerhead104.

Hair bouquet105.

Hair chain106.

Hair bag107.

Hair leash108.

Hair ribbon109.

Hair cap110.

Hair hook110.

Beard cream111.

Beard grease112.

Beard shampoo113.

Beard soap114.

Beard hair cream115.

Beard beard balms116.

Beard facial mask117.

Beard nail polish118.

Beard waxing spray119.

Beard shaving cream120.

Beard wreath121.

Beard wig122.

Beard tattoo123.

Beard trimmer124.

Beard gel125.

Beard barber126.

Beard shave cream127.

Beard mustache128.

Beard ring nail polish129.

Beard razor130.

Beard straightener131.

Beard pomad132.

Beard balm133.

Beard eyebrow gel134.

Beard earring gel135.

Beard bouquet gel136.

Beard pompom137.

Beard hairstyle gel138.

Beard moustache139.

Beard shoe140.

Beard hat1011.

Hand sanitizer1.

Beard mask1.

Hair ball wash1.

Facial mask1,000.

Hand gel1,100.

Hair cream1,200.

Hair dryer1,400.

Hair knot1,500.

Hair tube1,600.

Hair plug1,700.

Hair ties1,800.

Hair pins1,900.

Hair twine1,1000.

Hair pinstripe1,1100.

Hair collar1,1200.

Hair rope1,1500.

Hair strand1,1600.

Hair cuff1,1800.

Hair wire1,1900.

Hair yarn1,2000.

Hair elastic1,3000.

Hair pillow1,4000.

Hair sponges1,5000.

Hair cloth1,6000.

Hair cable1,7000.

Hair strapping1,8000.

Hair gloves1,9000.


Hair clips1,12000.

Beard shaver1,15000.

Shaving cream1.

Shave cream1-2.

Hair powder1-4.

Beard groom